Biswap Space Agents Program | $5 000 000 for Bloggers & Affiliates!

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Biswap DEX is looking for influencers!


Are you a media person, passionate about crypto, and have many followers?

Then Biswap Space Agents Program is your way!


Biswap Space Agents Program is a crucial part of Biswap's expansion strategy. Participation in the program is an excellent occasion for innovative bloggers with strong leadership skills and a deep interest in Biswap.


Visit Space Agents Program website for more:




Why become a Space Agent of Biswap?

Biswap Space Agents Program is a project not only with special BSW rewards but also with the possibility of rapid development. It's a unique chance to showcase your talents and spread your influence via cooperation with the prospective project.


Biswap is TOP 2 DEX on BNB Chain with the lowest commission fee of 0.1% and up to 70% Fee Return. Besides, the native token of Biswap - BSW got listed on Binance recently. Biswap is also the first DEX that released Fixed Staking pools, and Binance played an important role in such vivid implementation. Besides, Biswap has a Multi-type Referral Program which can help you gain up to 20% BSW rewards.


Biswap takes leading positions in the worldwide ranks!
See the numbers by yourself:
🚀 $850 000 000+ Total Value Locked
🚀 $45 500 000 000+ Total Trading Volume

🚀 1 700 000+ Connected wallets

🚀 430 000+ Total Active Users 

🚀 420 000+ Biswap Social Media Community


Discover more about Biswap here:



General Participation Requirements

Biswap offers professional support and worthy BSW awards and requires high-quality content and productive partnership. That is why it's obligatory to fulfill all the terms set by the Biswap PR team. 


🌟 YouTube / Telegram /Twitter blogger with a strong community over 5000 subscribers

🌟 Instagram / Reddit Blog / Tik Tok / any thematic crypto blog / forum with crypto community about 5 000 members

🌟 Content can be in any language but has English subtitles (built-in or auto-translate). The additional language will be a plus.


If you noticed yourself in this description, bravely keep reading! It's definitely your offer!



Monthly Spacewalk & Space Mission Programs

Biswap Space Agents Program is divided into two types of cooperation: Monthly Spacewalk and Space Mission program. Both are profoundly elaborate and beneficial, so look closer to each to find your perfect match!



$10 000 in BSW for Monthly Spacewalk

Take part in the Monthly Spacewalk challenge and share a $10 000 in BSW prize among talented colleagues. This program includes two types of rewards: Main Gains and Extra Gains. Each month you can choose a topic from the presented list and create relevant content about Biswap and 3 of its directions: Biswap DEX, GameFi and NFT. 



$7 500 in BSW Main Gains

The top 10 Space Agents will share the $7 500 in BSW rewards! Main Gains will be distributed in gradation from 1st to 10th place.

If your content gets into the list of the best, you are guaranteed to receive from $500 - $1 500 in BSW! 



$2 500 in BSW Extra Gains

We evaluate your work very versatile and reward you for additional merit!  

​​Get additional $500 in BSW for winning 1 of 5 nominations:

🪐 Intergalactic Audience Reward

🪐 Referral Space King

🪐 Most Favorable by Biswap Space Crew

🪐 Best Crypto Guru on the Solar System

🪐 Starlight Choice by Biswappers 


Visit the Space Agent Page to choose your Spacewalk topic, fulfill all the terms and collect your rewards!



$3 000 in BSW for Space Mission

Space Mission is oriented on a long term perspective and strategic cooperation. It implies bilateral support, responsibility and development!  This program requires some additional conditions for participants and guarantees a permanent and stable reward of up to $3 000 in BSW per month!



⚡️Proficient English. Additional language is a plus!

⚡️Well-qualified skills in analyzing the crypto industry

⚡️A composed collab offer for Biswap

⚡️Be ready for the test period


Do not forget to clarify all requirements for each program.

Read the Article to be aware of all terms and increase your chance to cooperate!



Closing thoughts

Grasp a chance to become a Biswap affiliate and join the Space Agents Program! Maximize your income, improve bloggers' skills, and increase your audience and statistics. Just imagine your profit jamp with up to 20% via the unique Biswap Referral Program! Make sure that working with a professional PR and Marketing Biswap team will impact your professionalism and open new opportunities in your career.


If you are interested in one of these programs, visit Biswap Space Agent Page to learn more about them:



Check out the Article about Biswap Space Agents Program:



If you still have questions, then look at the FAQs article and find all the answers!



Promote Biswap among the audience and gain BSW rewards monthly.
Let’s reach the Moon together!


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Feel free to ask any questions and share your ideas!


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