$AXS Pumps 25%. Why is $24.68 crucial?

2022-05-31 09:36:20 · 26 views · 5 min read

AxieInfinity $AXS skyrocket 25%. Candlestick noticed a magic price point of $24.68 that may help DEX traders.


Daily Signal Distribution

- Bullish signals ⬆ to 69% & bearish signals ⬇ to 23%
- Bullish signals & price changes are consistent


$AXS Net Buy Amount (UTC 0)

- Net buy recorded a peak at 0:00 May 31 when $AXS reached $24.68. The buy amount is 3.12x of the sell amount.
- Early divergences at 2:00 & 6:00 offered 2 entry timing resp.


$AXS Trading Volume with Size Distribution

- Vol surged 1,045% at $24.68. 
- Small trades contributed 100% of the volume, indicating that the #NFTcommunity drove the uptrend.


$AXS Unique Traders

- It raised 625% at $24.68. Buy/sell actions of DEX traders are active at this price;

According to the net buy chart above, we know most were buying $AXS.



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