Dapp.com AMA Ep. 15 | Guest: Brad Kam, Co-founder of Unstoppable Domains

2020-03-02 07:00:00 · 38 views · 1 min read

Welcome the Unstoppable Domains team join our AMA.


Hey buddies, in this episode of Dapp.com AMA, we together with Brad Kam from Unstoppable Domains will give SUPER exclusive benefit to our community. 


What interesting topics we are going to talk about?

We will talk about the coolest things around the blockchain world right now— blockchain domains, the decentralized web, and more. And Brad will spare some time to show us how to make crypto payment simple with blockchain domains. 


Exclusive benefits to the community:

1.Free domains for the entire Dapp.com community. Having a .crypto domain is something to show off right! We think .crypto domains will be as valuable as .com domain very soon. Why not have yours?


2. $500 ETH to the ones who ask the most interesting questions. 

  • $100 ETH for 1 best question

  • $400 ETH shared for the 10 valuable questions


3.$200 BTC for 10 lucky ones who retweet the announcement tweet ($20 each)


Free domains + $500 ETH + $200BTC + Coolest insights about blockchain, no reason to wait!




AMA session: 

AMA will be held in Dapp.com Telegram on Thursday, March 5, 2020, at 7:00 - 8:00 PM PST.


Questions submission closed 12 hours prior to the AMA.


How to participate:

  1. Join Dapp.com Telegram community. 

  2. Direct message to @unstoppabledomainsbot to receive one .crypto domain for free.

  1. Leave your questions in our Telegram group with #UnstoppableAMA and your .crypto domain. It must be a domain for this campaign. It comes with dappanimal.crypto. 

     (e.g. My question is: What is Unstoppable Domains? My domain: dappjohn.crypto #UnstoppableAMA) 

Get your free .crypto domain by following the instructions above! You can see your .crypto domain on opensea.io by

searching your ETH address.


  1. 11 valuable questions will be rewarded from a pool of $500 Ether! To receive a $ETH reward you must include your .crypto domain in the question. 

  2. Join our Twitter campaign as well to share the $200 BTC!

    Twitter link:  https://twitter.com/dapp_com/status/1234668007860817921


About Our Guest 

Brad Kam is a serial entrepreneur from Atlanta. He co-founded Talkable, a YC backed marketing software company building refer a friend program for e-commerce companies. He recently co-founded Unstoppable Domains, a registry business building domain names on blockchains. In May, Unstoppable raised $4.3M led by Draper Associates.



About Unstoppable Domains:


Key Unstoppable Points:


1. With a .crypto domain, you can replace all your cryptocurrency addresses with a human-readable name. Attach

your cryptocurrency addresses to your domain, and tell your friend to pay by typing in yourname.crypto. 


2. You can launch a censorship-resistant website with your .crypto domain. Users can surf the decentralized web with the Unstoppable Blockchain Browser!


3. Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based company building domain on blockchains. The company is backed by Draper Associates and Boost VC and has received grants from the Ethereum Foundation and the Zilliqa Foundation.


Unstoppable Domains has registered 200,000+ domains so far!

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