5 Dapps to Get You Through Your Day

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Beyond the classic dapps — CryptoKitties, Steemit, Everipedia, Kyber Network, MakerDao, WINK... Dapp.com has all kinds of dapps that help you establish a new daily (and possibly life-changing) habits, discover new friends and communities, and of course, take back your privacy. 


Here are five new dapps that have stood out from the crowd and we think you can use on a daily basis — from the moment you wake up, until you get off the work, go home and supercharge your day.


A Tool for Your Work — SafeNotes 

Annotate and store your PDF documents securely


Just like Evernote, SafeNotes is a platform that you can annotate documents easily and directly while reading them with real-time synchronization. But unlike other centralized note-taking apps, it’s 100% private. All files and notes are stored encrypted with the keys so that only you can control and get access to. 


To start using SafeNotes, you will need to log in with your Blockstack ID, drag and drop the PDF that you want to work on, and then add notes or highlight parts in the document. Looks like it only works with PDF file for now and the maximum file size is 25MB. 


A Game for Your Coffee Break — Eggies World

Raise your EGG Monster and win TRX reward


Eggies World is a blockchain game based on the TRON blockchain. Your job is to raise an EGG/Monster and your goal is to be the No. 1 Monster to earn the reward! 


First of all, you need at least one EGG (2,000 TRX) to start the game and feed the EGG every day (up to 50 times per day) until it hatches into a Monster. Then continue feeding and training your Monster through various activities, and battling against others to win the game. You will get daily TRX rewards based on the points and ranking that your Monster has. The strongest Monsters will be able to receive the largest amount of TRX. 


Eggies World is a fun game to play on your daily commute. Or, you can play it on your coffee break — hey, don’t feel guilty, we all have our own way to take our mind off work, even just for three minutes.


A Social Dapp to Chat with Influencers — Pgeon

Ask questions and connect with others in a (blockchain) safe space


Well, not just influencers, but people who can ask or answer great questions. Built on top of Blockstack, Pgeon gives people a way to communicate with their audience through dynamic polling.


Pgeon makes sure to give exposure to great questions and advice. In other words, Pgeon will make you and your Q&A shine. The dapp design is clean and minimalist. Also, it’s very simple to use — just need to sign up with your Blockstack ID and start asking or answering the questions. 


Like all social media, Pgeon thrives when users interact. So don’t be a stranger, join the platform and chat with others! 


A Platform to Manage Your Wealth — token.store EOS

Trustless exchange for EOS ecosystem


token.store EOS, the newly launched exchange, is the first trustless exchange for EOS-based tokens. Prior to token.store EOS, the team launched token.store ETH back in 2017 and it has hosted 650k on-chain transactions.


token.store EOS offers a fully on-chain experience with 0% trading fees. It’s the first EOS DEX to audit smart contracts. So all trades are facilitated by an audited smart contract to make sure safety and security. The platform is able to make trades settle in 0.5 seconds.


A Place to Win Some Extra Money in Your Leisure Time — Dragon7

Let’s go to Vegas after work!


Dragon7 is an online casino game platform that utilizes TRON blockchain. The platform just launched last week with around 100 classic casino games. It partners with a game production house to provide a real “Vegas experience” to the players. Also, it is planning on expanding the platform to Ethereum and EOS in the future.


Want to wind down and win some extra money after a long working day? Maybe you can try Draon7.


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