5 Dapps that Can Earn You Extra Money

2019-05-28 08:44:32 · 55 views · 4 min read

Last week, 22 new dapps were listed to our platform. 6 dapps are Ethereum-based, 5 TRON-based, 5 EOS-based, and the remained 6 dapps are from other blockchains such as IOST, Steem, TomoChain, etc. In this article, we would like to introduce you 5 new dapps that can help you earn some extra dough in the form of cryptos, and more importantly, without taking away your personal data.


  1. 3Speak: Have you ever been bothered by social media bans and or got kicked out of a group without any wrongdoing but simply because you hold a different point of view? Now 3speak is a new platform that provides a censor-free environment for content creators who have been deplatformed or demonetized for their political views, or because the content they create is not appreciated by the big tech media giants. The system utilizes the Steem blockchain to host the content, and more importantly, it rewards registered users who interact with the content with cryptocurrency. The platform is managed through the forum, which is open to all verified content creators to be part of.



  1. Inxight: Inxight is a mobile dapp developed and powered by Scanetchain. It uses AR technology to digitally recognize objects, brands, or marker images with one simple scan. The vision of this dapp is to give users access to the related information of the objects they scanned and purchase products and services with ease. In addition, Inxight users can also create AR content by themselves get rewards by interacting with the app.




  1. dYdX: dYdX is a decentralized trading and lending platform for crypto assets. The main difference between dYdX and other decentralized crypto lending platforms such as ETHLend is that dYdX natively supports trading in addition to borrowing / lending, meaning that traders can margin trade without leaving the platform for another exchange. While margin trading on dYdX, funds are automatically borrowed from lenders on the platform. If you are a margin trader, this platform is just for you.



  1. EosNow: Yes, we already have so many decentralized betting platforms and you know the reason why. Among all those gambling dapps with uneven quality, EosNow stands out to us due to its clean UI/UX, user-friendly in-game features, as well as its approachable support team. It is also mobile adaptive, making EosNow a good go-to dapp to kill time. Currently, users can get access to traditional games such as dice and blackjack, and more creative games will be available in the future that promise more fun.



  1. CryptoMania: CryptoMania is a slot machine game platform based on EOS blockchain. When you stake your money in a conventional online casino, you have no guarantees that the process they use to run the game is fair, or that you aren’t being cheated. CryptoMania knows your concern and eliminates it by running the game on smart contracts. It is also the one-and-only dapp that implements the Mersenne Twister algorithm, which is the only pseudo-RNG method approved by the international casino industry.

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