4 Dapps to Help You Get More Done

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If you’re a freelancer or working remotely, this one is for you. Our weekly new dapp series brings you four new dapps that can help you create and scale your brand, manage your meetings and finances, and put your work in front of more people.  


So, without further ado, here is a roundup of the new dapps that can help you get more done.



WebStudio: Decentralized no-code website builder

The era of no-code has arrived. And with the help of blockchain, a decentralized no-code product will be unstoppable.


Maybe you’re a pro designer, or maybe you’ve never built a website in your life. Either way, WebStudio is a surprisingly useful tool to bring your vision to life, without writing a single line of code or losing data dignity.


WebStudio is a no-code website builder that helps you create and power websites. It’s packed with ways to make your website shine, but few are easier than adding images and content. You can build and launch a beautiful website or a goop-like blog with just a few simple clicks. Also, it’s very easy to update the pages with its no-code editors. Unlike other no-code (or low-code) website platforms, WebStudio is powered by Blockstack's high-performance storage system Gaia, so it gives you full control of all your data. 


To start building your website, you need a Blockstack ID to log into WebStudio. Then you will see there are four templates for you to choose from: A personal page, a portfolio, a showcase, and a newsletter. And you can always choose to start from scratch. If you have prepared for the content, all you need to do is drag and drop the images and texts. There are advanced tools for adding bars, buttons, maps and etc that you can use too. Thanks to WebStuido, we’re going to see more websites and project landing pages created. 


Whenever you want to build your own brand or just create a blog because you have something to say, WebStudio deserves a try. 


rTrees: Plant trees for free with DAI

Let’s get real: As a freelancer, the line between work and life is blurred and you never really clock out. So who has time for growing trees and stuff? But the good news is now you can grow trees without putting any effort or spending money, and the best part? You can do something good for the world! 


With rTrees and rDai (redeemable DAI) protocol, your DAI will generate interest from liquid lending pools and the interest will be automatically donated to Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization that uses the money to plant real trees. For every one DAI of interest donated, ten trees are planted. And all you need to do is watch your virtual tree grow.


Even if you don’t typically geek out over DeFi dapps, you might be surprised by how rTrees and you can help the world. So, go plant a tree on rTrees now. 


BCShop: Marketplace for services and digital goods

So, the tax season is coming. If you’re in the crypto business and currently looking for an accountant to sort it out your books, maybe someone from BCShop can help you out. 


Built on top of Ethereum, BCShop is a place that connects companies and professionals from the blockchain world. BCShop provides a wild range of services, from legal and tax to digital marketing and design and more. Whenever you need a UX designer or an accountant for your crypto project, you can go to the shop and find a suitable provider — just like Upwork, you will see people’s portfolios like how many deals they have completed and so on. Also, you can market your service by becoming a seller. On BCShop, you can pay and accept cryptocurrency and choose escrow protection of your choice.


Smalltalk: More than just a video chat 

As an integrated application, Smalltalk makes managing your conversations — and more importantly, connecting with those people in a variety of ways like calls, texts, emails and etc — just a little bit easier and safer. 


You can use Smalltalk to make video calls, chat, conduct interviews, and send emails with the one who also has Blockstack ID. And of course, your chat and data will be encrypted and stored on the Blockstack decentralized storage.  


If you want unlimited usage of Smalltalk for the whole month, you can pay $1 via Lightning Network. And if you pay $6, you will be good to go for the whole year. It looks like a good deal for a small remote team, especially if you and your team are working on a secret project;)


And one more DeFi dapp you should check it out — Curve, it creates deep on-chain liquidity by using advanced bonding curves. 


Explore more dapps at Dapp.com


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