Letter from the CEO - Token Price and Proof of Value

2020-03-18 08:00:00 · 47 views · 5 min read


Dear Dapp.com Community, 


This is Kyle from Dapp.com. Hope you've been safe from the Coronavirus. 


We are facing so many challenges in 2020 - Coronavirus, crashes of crude oil price, stock, gold, crypto, and every other thing. It took Warren Buffet 89 years to experience the “one-two punch” market panic and it only took us a week. Bitcoin dropped to a new yearly low at $3,782, the “halvening” arrives early and in an unexpected way. For Defi, MakerDAO explored the prospect of an emergency shutdown after the crash left millions of dollars in debt under-collateralized.



But none of these are stopping us from building what we believe. We still work as we were in 2018, talking to our users, spending time to improve our user experiences regardless of all the difficulties in 2020. 




Some recap of what’ve done in the past 2 months:

  • Added dapp tracking for Terra, one of the world’s largest blockchain payment network;

  • Held our 1st Community Voting and Listed Vexanium, Indonesia’s largest blockchain platform;

  • Selected as the first dapp platform partner by ICON community, adding ICON dapp tracking;

  • Finished the development of the Dapp Store Wallet for Ethereum. Soon to see the smoothest UX for dapp users. 

  • Partnered with Unstoppable Domains to bring thousands of people into the next Web


And many more partnerships and new products with industry leaders and listed companies to be released. 



We still position ourselves as the key driver of blockchain’s mass adoption by the transparency of data and easy onboarding. And that’s what we enjoy working on. 




Now, I’m happy to share with you that we have just launched our new tracking dashboard for Ethereum dapps. 



What is the new feature?


1. ERC-20 token transaction (means ERC-20 token being spent in a dapp) is now included. You can see that people not just spend ETH to buy F1 NFT but also DAI, KNC and DAPPT. 



2. Dapp token price analytics available to the project who has its own token. You can discover any price related movement compare to a project’s dapp performance




Why this is important?


1. ERC-20 is an essential part of the Ethereum ecosystem and we are at an era where a lot of ERC-20 tokens such as Dai and KNC are having strong utilities and been used in a lot of great blockchain-based products. Tracking these tokens will reflect the full picture of the dapp market. 




2. Most of the utility tokens are invented and created based on their respective businesses. A dapp’s usage reflects the value of its own token to some extent as we believe


You will be surprised and excited to explore a lot of new insights through these 2 new functions.


For example, we thought that USDT is the stablecoin with the largest market shares, it turns out $Dai is the most active stablecoin to be traded on Kyber Network. Again, it will be interesting to discover the price of token A goes up when there are fewer people using its product. 




How to trigger these functions?


1. View dapp ranking at Dapp.com Homepage or Dapp.com Ranking Page. You will be able to see the data bar for Ethereum dapps. When you hover on the data bar, you will see the distribution of tokens sent to the dapps (For a game it means user purchases and for a dex it means user trade activities) 



2. You can see some dapps with a “Token” label, it means this dapp has a token issued. When you click into one of these dapps with a token, you will see the price feature. 



3. Go to the Statistics section and you can see a dapp’s daily token price. Turn on the “View price” function, you will be able to see the price chart together with the dapp usage chart. You can compare the changes of prices to the dapp’s user, transaction amount and volume with this function. 



Now please feel free to explore more and shoot us any feedback to improve Dapp.com at Twitter.




Kyle Lu

Founder & CEO


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