It's your call--- 1st blockchain listing vote

2020-02-26 04:10:25 · 67 views · 2 min read

Result of the First Blockchain Listing Vote


The WINNER goes to Vexanium! 


Vexanium received 699 votes from a total number of 1137 unduplicated votes.



We will start working on integration soon. Vexanium is expected to be listed on next week!


Which blockchain has the strongest dapp ecosystem and deserves all the attention of the

blockchain community? Now it’s time for you to get it listed on 


1st Community Listing


5-day Voting Period:  02/26 9am GMT0 to 03/02 9am GMT0


The nominee blockchain who received the most “vote” will get listed on 


Nominees from community:



2. WAX 

3. Vexanium 

4. Nuls


To Vote:


Click “Comment” below, write down your 1 choice, reason and your erc-20 address.


We, together with the final winning blockchain, will choose 10 participants who voted for it

to give out randomly DAPPT airdrop. 


What’s the benefit of listing my favorite blockchain on is the platform to provide information aggregation, transparency & 

credits, and users to blockchains and their dapps who were listed by us. 

  • The  Largest Platform 

It is almost impossible to know about dapps on one blockchain unless you’ve been an

active member (token holder, developer,researcher etc.) in their community. Getting listed 

on will bring these dapps to a stage where over 500,000 community

members who care about the use of blockchain and hunting dapps.


  • Credibility is a trusted platform by leading VCs, research groups and media including

FBG, Hashed, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, TNWHackernoon, and Yahoo, etc. This will

help to get a great amount of exposure to the development status of a blockchain.


  • More to come

While is also building a lot of infrastructure around different blockchains to

solve the onboarding issues of dapps for mass adoption, there will be a potential 

collaboration that to add the listed blockchains & projects to the Dapp Store Wallet and

other products that we are building in the future.


Now let’s start voting!

Click the "Write Comment", write down your choice + reason + your

ERC20 Address


*Multiple votes from one user will be counted as one vote only.

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